making and canning one of my favorite things


There’s a certain satisfaction when you can go outside to your garden and harvest some vegetables for that night’s dinner. I don’t grow a lot in my garden, but almost every year I try to grow tomatoes.

Fresh tomatoes from the garden taste so much better than what you can get in the grocery store. If I don’t grow them at home I try to get to the farmer’s market to get garden fresh tomatoes. Salads are better with fresh tomatoes, my husband loves tomato sandwiches, and my daughter and I could happily eat caprese salads for lunch every day.

When my mom would have an abundance of tomatoes she would can them. Either just tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, or, my favorite, tomato preserves. I’ve searched for her recipe with no luck, but this one comes very close.

I know, tomato preserves might sound weird, but I urge you to try them. Just one batch, then a slice of your favorite bread, toasted, with butter and just a little tomato preserves on it. It’s sooo good. I want to try it again and add just a little candied ginger to it. And I’m curious how the taste might change when using heirloom tomatoes instead of roma that I used for my last batch.