Everybody Loves Candy, Don’t They?



Mom didn’t make candy very often, but when she found this recipe for Buckeyes she knew it would be a hit for her family.

It’s easy, it’s peanut butter, it’s chocolate, it’s fantastic. You can make this with kids because there’s no oven or stove-top required until you’re melting the chocolate. The first step is just making the peanut butter balls. Easy stuff, it’s even easier if you use a small scoop to help portion out the mix before you roll. If the kids can keep their peanut butter covered fingers out of their mouths, they make great helpers with this part.

I’ve always made this with creamy peanut butter. (Use your favorite peanut butter, the one that tastes best to you) I don’t really like crunchy peanut butter. But, here’s a warning, if you use margarine instead of butter (I don’t recommend that, butter tastes better) do not use the soft margarine for easy spreading. Those buckeyes will never firm up. Since then, I’ve made them with butter and they’re fantastic. Another tip, use the darkest chocolate chips you can find. These are pretty sweet little morsels, but the really dark chocolate balances that out somewhat.

Sometimes the Bananas Don’t Get Eaten

what to do with extra bananas

I tend to buy bananas when I find them for a good price. Generally, they get eaten. But, sometimes they get overlooked in favor of something sweet. So, I end up with bananas that are too ripe to eat. Or, sometimes you find bananas in the store, on the clearance shelf because they’re overripe. And they’re cheap!

These overripe bananas are the secret ingredient for making the best banana nut bread ever. If you only have one or two, put them in the freezer. Save them until you get enough to make 2, 3 or 4 loaves. Because, believe me, you’re going to want to have more than just one loaf. And, this banana nut bread freezes really well. Just double wrap it in foil before you put it in the freezer. Don’t forget to label it so you can tell the difference between it and your date nut bread. As you approach holidays or family get-togethers you can make this bread ahead of time and freeze it. Take it out to thaw the night before, or maybe early in the morning of the holiday, and by dinner time it’s ready to enjoy.

This is another family favorite, and was one of many treats that we looked forward to. It makes a great gift to take when visiting too. You’ll want to have a loaf or two in your freezer for last minute desserts. Personally, I like it lightly toasted with a little butter for breakfast.

Adjusting To My New Normal

struggling with a new diet and how to fit a family favorite into it

So, I’m still struggling with health issues. More specifically, I’ve been diagnosed as diabetic. I guess I’m not too surprised, but I am a bit annoyed at all the accompanying issues I’m having. My energy level is lower than usual, and I’m not the most energetic person in the first place so I’m feeling somewhat like a slug. I’m struggling with my food because I like to eat but a lot of my favorites are now things I can’t eat or only in small (very small) portions. And one of the things that bugs me the most is my eyes. My glasses prescription has changed, a LOT. So, my glasses don’t work for me. I can’t see far away, I can’t see close-up, and that means I can’t even do my favorite thing, reading. Well, I can if  I try really hard, but that gives me a headache.

In this situation complaining actually led to a bit of a solution. For every day, I can’t do anything but wait until my system reaches it’s new normal with all the new meds I have. But for close work, my hubs dug out a pair of reading glasses. So, now I can read and do some detail work with my hands (like making my jewelry) and it should keep me from going crazy waiting.

The other annoyance is that the new meds bother my stomach. So I have to be careful that I eat things easy on my stomach as well as low carb. But, feeling lousy makes me want comfort food. And, one thing that settles my stomach every time is something carby, like bread. Not just plain white bread. A good, grainy, whole wheat is good, toasted with a little bit of butter. Or, my favorite because it’s sweet but not too sweet is my mom’s date nut bread. I’m sure some of the comfort comes from the fact that this was always on the dessert table at any family holiday or get-together. Any time we get together now, one of us usually makes this along with other family favorites. It’s good any time we get together but when carrot cake and date nut bread are on the table it adds that little something to the occasion.