Cookies Without Baking

more peanut butter goodness


In high school I had a meeting to go to that included a pot luck sort of thing. Mom and Dad couldn’t go so I went by myself. Mom left it up to me to decide what to make, make it and get it there. So, I decided on peanut butter crunch cookies.

You almost always have everything you need for these cookies in the house. That makes it easy to make it as a spontaneous treat. The initial part where you boil the sugar, butter and milk isn’t as fussy as candy or fudge making but make sure you time it. Stir in the peanut butter just until well mixed, don’t let it get cool. Then add the rest and start portioning them out. Even though the recipe calls for crunchy peanut butter, I have always made it with creamy peanut butter. There’s enough texture in these with the oats. And, portioning these would go a lot easier with a small scoop if you have one.

At one point I decided I wanted a different taste, so I added a rounded tablespoon of cocoa powder to it. Add it in just after boiling, stir just a bit, then add your peanut butter and finish up like usual. It’s a nice change in taste. You could probably change the peanut butter to any favorite nut butter you like, maybe change the vanilla to almond, or add a bit of both. Make it once to see how the recipe works, then just make it your own.

I’m not on a Diet

my new way of eating and staying healthy

In my mind, a diet is a temporary thing where you restrict what you’re eating to reach a goal. Gotta look good for that big event coming up, or fit into your summer wardrobe. And when you get to your goal, what happens? For me, it has always been going back to eating the way I was before. Not a workable solution.

Now, I have to eat a certain way to stay healthy. Otherwise I will feel like roadkill. Everything hurts, I have no energy, and I can’t think straight. So, this is my new life. I can eat almost everything I want but in small portions. I have found though, that I no longer have the sweet tooth that I used to have. Candy doesn’t appeal to me, except dark chocolate. Surprisingly though, I only need a very small amount to be satisfied. Fresh fruit is sweet enough for me now. Desserts of any kind, I’m happy with just a taste.

But, cookies now… I am generally a cookie monster. I love cookies, so I’ve been avoiding them. I think part of my love for cookies includes my memories of learning to make cookies from my mom. I can remember wanting cookies and her telling me to bake them. Oatmeal, chocolate chip, everything chip(big batch with different kinds of chips in them), and peanut butter. Mostly she’d just let me do it myself, but I always knew she was right there if I had questions about how to do something. That carried over into adult life and there were many phone calls to mom with the cooking question of the week. Now, I’ve been getting those kind of phone calls from my daughter.

I’m not really craving any cookies right now, except regular peanut butter cookies. Those are my go to cookie when I really want one. And, I generally overindulge, so I’ve resisted making any. But I can tell I’m going to want them sometime in the not so distant future. I think I need to do some work on this recipe and try to make it a bit more friendly for my new lifestyle.