Remembering Weekend Breakfasts

Kids and pancakes – a natural combo


Since I’ve learned I am diabetic breakfast is a bit of a challenge. Quick breakfasts have always included cereal or toast or bagels, all of which end up being too many carbs. I’ve hit upon using plain yogurt instead of milk, adding oats, a little fruit and the sweetener of my choice, but I miss weekend breakfasts.

Breakfasts on weekends were usually a little more than just cereal. Mom didn’t have to get an entire gang of kids ready for school and out the door in time to catch the bus. She had more time to make something like pancakes or waffles. When she didn’t mind taking even more time she would make silver dollar pancakes. For some reason a plate full of teeny pancakes was so much more fun than one or two regular sized ones. My own kids loved these more than plate-sized pancakes too. I sometimes tried making their initials with the pancake batter. Even the mistakes tasted good. And, waffles! Who didn’t have to make sure every little square had butter and syrup in it?

The instructions say to mix well, or mix thoroughly. I’ve learned not to mix them too long though, that leads to really heavy pancakes. Edible, but not as good tasting. So, mix just until it’s all incorporated (a few lumps are okay) and let it sit a little bit before you start making pancakes. And if you put butter in the pan, you get a really nice buttery tasting breakfast even before you add the butter and syrup.

The bottom of the pancake recipe talks about adding stuff for flavor. Applesauce is really good in this recipe. I don’t even use syrup when I add it, just some butter. The taste is sort of liked baked apples. And, seriously, the creamed corn is fantastic! Again, no syrup, just butter. And it makes a really great side dish for dinner when you’re looking for something a little different. You could also do these with a little chopped bacon in them, what doesn’t taste better when you add bacon?

Waffles weren’t made as often as pancakes because there was the added fuss with the waffle iron. This, of course, made them more of a treat the times when Mom would make them. I haven’t tried the waffle recipe with all the current add ins, but I bet with a little experimentation, you could end up with some really good tasting waffles. I haven’t had a waffle iron for some time now, or I’d be trying all kinds of variations.

Birdie Lips and Snakey toes

how I confused my kids at breakfast

Everybody who has ever stood at the kitchen stove has heard little voices (or not so little voices) asking, “What’s for breakfast”? And when it happens every day it can get tiresome, if not outright annoying. When my children were little my struggle was to not let them know when it bothered me. I eventually hit on the idea to make it fun for me.

Fun for me ended up being introducing my kids to joking in everyday life. So, when they asked me questions (if they weren’t critical or serious) I would give them nonsense answers. Sometimes I would pretend I misunderstood them, other times just silly things would be the answer. And when chores had to be done it was easiest when we were dancing and singing around. I don’t know how many times Bunny FooFoo bopped them in the head while we were working.

To this day my kids still refer to Farina as Birdie Lips and Snakey Toes. I was feeling overwhelmed trying to get everything done in the morning and while I was making the farina, in they came. About 2 minutes apart, but with the same exact questions. I don’t know what made me say it, but that morning I got the best puzzled reactions from two little kids who learned they were eating birdie lips and snakey toes.