I have been assimilated

Why I bought an Instant Pot and what dish made it all worthwhile.


I’ve been hearing about the Instant Pot for quite some time now. Like a lot of people I thought I didn’t want another kitchen gadget to take up counter space.

Slowly, though, I started wondering about it. There’s definitely an appeal to anything “instant” in the kitchen. And I really like making my own broths, with my choice of seasonings, my choice of what to make it from. A pressure cooker makes quick work of dried beans and tougher cuts of meat. And this one has a lot of safety features incorporated into it.

So, I caved. After a lot of research on features and prices, and enough time to scrape some money together, I caught a good sale and bought my Instant Pot Ultra.

I’ve really enjoyed learning to cook things with this. My son and I are working on our favorite tastes from Chinese restaurants with some success, and I’ve finally made ribs that taste really good.

But what really sold me on this way of cooking has been rice pudding. I’ve already shared my mom’s recipe that takes at least 3 1/2 hours in the oven, but the taste is worth every minute of it. The Instant Pot can make it about 45 minutes, and the taste is really, really close to that time intensive version of my mom’s.

Really it is my mother’s recipe, just adapted to the Instant Pot. Or, you could say it’s an Instant pot recipe that I changed to taste the way my mom’s recipe tastes. Either way, it’s a lot faster and tastes just as good cold the next day, if your family doesn’t eat it all right away.