Everybody Loves Candy, Don’t They?



Mom didn’t make candy very often, but when she found this recipe for Buckeyes she knew it would be a hit for her family.

It’s easy, it’s peanut butter, it’s chocolate, it’s fantastic. You can make this with kids because there’s no oven or stove-top required until you’re melting the chocolate. The first step is just making the peanut butter balls. Easy stuff, it’s even easier if you use a small scoop to help portion out the mix before you roll. If the kids can keep their peanut butter covered fingers out of their mouths, they make great helpers with this part.

I’ve always made this with creamy peanut butter. (Use your favorite peanut butter, the one that tastes best to you) I don’t really like crunchy peanut butter. But, here’s a warning, if you use margarine instead of butter (I don’t recommend that, butter tastes better) do not use the soft margarine for easy spreading. Those buckeyes will never firm up. Since then, I’ve made them with butter and they’re fantastic. Another tip, use the darkest chocolate chips you can find. These are pretty sweet little morsels, but the really dark chocolate balances that out somewhat.

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